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Pasquale PasculloAs a lifelong New Yorker, Pasquale still calls Manhattan “the greatest island in the world.” While the buildings there are built on foundations of concrete and steel, Pasquale built the foundation of his interest in oceanography and marine biology at one of New York City’s outer borough high schools, located on the beaches of Queens.

In 1991, Pasquale took his passion underwater as he began scuba diving in the cold, often murky waters that surround New York’s metropolitan area. By the mid 1990's, he started venturing further, eventually exploring underwater habitats on 6 continents. He never looked back and continues to explore the world’s oceans today.

Pasquale PasculloWhile scuba diving and land safaris are his photography passions, Pasquale credits his success to the people he surrounds himself with — family and friends who have encouraged him and helped him reach his goals and pursue his ambitions. Pasquale strongly believes that no successful picture can be taken without the direct help and work of the local Park Rangers and Dive Masters who accompany him on his assignments. And to every one of these people, he is eternally indebted.

More than anything, Pasquale hopes that his award-winning photography can help foster awareness, education and preservation of our planet’s abundant wildlife, whether in the oceans or on land.



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"Sometimes, It's better to be lucky than good." - Pasquale Pascullo

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